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    Las empresas como las ciudades nos dan mucha información. Suiphos te permite conocer el cuándo, el dónde y por qué para poder prever y tomar decisiones. Suiphos es la primera plataforma web del mundo creada a medida para usar todo el potencial del IOT.

Seamless Integration
Suiphosperforms as an integrative, online, and open-data solution—currently deployed in cities in Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Chile. Our platform’s flexible format generates more options for users through itsaccessibility and wireless management of resources. Further, connectivity features streamline the process of compiling information.
Fully Customisable
Suiphos allows for 100% customisation and can be integrated within a multitude of devices for easy tracking and separate resource management. Our platform can be tailored to a specific local infrastructure, independent of the current technology or the level of digitalisation in the city. Whatever your needs, Suiphos is here to meet them.
Numerous Applications
Suiphos allows for full maintenance management and control of seven categories of urban IoT solutions, including: energy, mobility, environment, connectivity, urban furnishings, utilities, and security, covering a total of more than 30 types of IoT hardware. More importantly, this provides users with the convenience of tracking multiple variables with a single tool.
Resource Management
Suiphos’ capabilities grant users a greater range of resource control by enhancing work order management. In Brazil, Suiphos is applied as an audit tool for monitoring and controlling the deployment of PPP projects in street lighting, allowing local governments to run more efficient, organised, and transparent programs.
Current Applications
Suiphos is already in use for a variety of public entities. Almost 1 million urban IoT assets are monitored with our platform. Through our current applications and successes, we are using each new experience to continuously develop and discover more innovative approaches to resource monitoring and work order management.
Rapid Growth
Suiphos’ reach is rapidly growing to meet future resource management needs. It is estimated that, in the next two years, there will be more than 10 million assets properly geolocated and identified by our platform—more than ten times the current number—offering local governments full traceability and a sustainable growth of their urban IoT.
Expertly Crafted
Suiphos is a living resource management solution, always improving to provide users more ways to track data. Our platform was developed based on a robust software calibrated by 30 years of experience by Suiphos’ parent company. As our user base grows, our experts are broadening its applications and increasing its efficiency to anticipate future demands.
Smart Infrastructure
Through wireless connectivity and resource management tools, Suiphos offers real opportunities for the development of high-tech infrastructure and future planning. Suiphos empowers governments with business intelligence tools to create a new level of UI (urban intelligence), allowing and promoting the development of authentic smart cities.
Special Acknowledgment
Due to Suiphos’ unique design and its potential to reshape government resource planning and management, it has received special attention from several important entities. In 2017, Suiphos was the only European smart city/IoT project selected to participate in the ReadWriteLabs acceleration program in Silicon Valley.
AWS Acceptance
In addition to special acknowledgments, Suiphos has been accepted as a leading provider of IoT asset and work order management. Our platform’s reputation has earned AWS’ recognition and confidence in our potential for growth—similar to previous organisations. Other notable unicorns who were in the program are: WeTransfer, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Slack.

Gracias a SUIPHOS puedo analizar toda la información del parque lumínico, gestionando de forma eficiente y anticipándome a las necesidades en la toma de decisiones

Jordi Pedreño – Inspector y técnico de campo

Trabajar con SUIPHOS me permite acceder a toda la información del alumbrado en tiempo real facilitándome la resolución de las órdenes de trabajo

Joan Montiel – Encargado

Suiphos permite control total de la órdenes de trabajo y distribuir los trabajos en tiempo real, de esta forma puedo conocer en cualquier momento la situación real de todos los equipos de trabajo

Juan José Vàzquez – Encargado

Gracias a SUIPHOS puedo analizar toda la información del parque lumínico, gestionando de forma eficiente y anticipándome a las necesidades en la toma de decisiones

Sergi Somavilla – Directivo