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Public lighting


Why is it important to evaluate public lighting installations?

The improvement of efficiency and energy savings is a priority, not only for the public administration, but also in the different economic sectors: commerce, transports, health, hospitality, education and industry… Power efficiency is a must that applies to all kind of installations. In the European Union there is a common aim to improve energy efficiency and there are some specific actions to be carried in order to reach an acceptable level of energy savings.

Over the last few years, and thinking about climate change and the consumption of the natural resources of our planet, more and more legislation considers taking care of these aspects and how to improve the energy efficiency as a top priority in several countries. 

Reasons to evaluate public lighting installations

You´ll find below a series of reasons that demonstrate the importance of periodically evaluating public lighting installations, in order to measure their efficiency. 

public lightingTo know and improve the efficiency and energetic saving

For example, within a council, over a 50% of the total consumption is taken by public lighting. This is why it is worth investing in more efficient lighting that uses a minimum amount of electricity. 

To verify the use and the light levels

The next reasons why you should evaluate lighting installations is to know how much is used in each point and where can we find “black spots” in energy use and lighting levels. The correct type of light should be chosen for each situation and each part of the city, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. 

To optimise investments

Renewable lighting and maintenance projects for public lighting require expensive investments. It is important to define an action plan to identify which actions need to be taken in order to optimise the energy use by spending the least possible. 

To optimise the maintenance costs

Public lighting installations require an evaluation process in order to avoid overspending in maintenance. It is important as well to keep in mind the duration of the guarantee.

As you have read, public lighting installations are a very important aspect of our daily life. The correct use and maintenance of these installations not only assures our security while the sun is down, but also allows us to improve the sustainability of our planet.

When improving energy efficiency, we decrease the costs of the energy and we contribute towards building a society based in the sustainable development actions we need to apply in order to secure a future for upcoming generations.

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