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3 Things you can do with Suiphos

These are the three top things that you can do with Suiphos’ lighting management software.

You’ll have an inventory where you’ll be able to visualise all the lighting points and the electric panels. Each lighting point contains a complete file with the information about the lamp type, the electric power, the height and all the modifications and repairs that have been done to that specific lighting spot. Furthermore, you can create a work order from a specific lighting spot and edit, duplicate or delete it.

Work order management

Through the platform, you can get repair claims from all the channels that you have previous set up. These channels can be email, telephone, social networks of the professional maintenance reports.

The workers can visualise work orders in order to repair a breakdown, to replace a lamp or to carry on regular maintenance activities.

Light meter maps

The light meter maps provide the Information needed about the light intensity from each lighting spot, from 3 to over 50 lux. Through this tool, we can see the progress of the changes and improvements to the lighting system, as well as finding the areas where adjustments and improvements are required.



The reporting section is an unique functionality of SECE which makes Suiphos a complete platform for Business Intelligence Analysis. You can create very helpful forecast models that will help to find out what the lighting level should be in order to cut costs, to monitor the life cycle of the existing inventory, to check if work orders are successfully completed etc.

Through this functionality, you will be able to improve your productivity levels by creating analytical models which can be used to analyse your own data in an interactive way, as well as generating reports and visualising the data. With Suiphos you can create, manage and distribute paginated reports, provide access to thorough data visualization and more with the objective of converting the data into intelligent actions in order to improve business knowledge and hence create new strategies and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business.

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