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Multiplatform solution
A unique robust data structure can be accessed from various platforms (desktop, web, mobile, tablet …).What is more, from a single web platform you can access all our management modules: inventory, operations, analysis, remote management, energy management and reporting.

Surveying and geo-referenced inventory
Based on a standard GIS these are the elements onto which user experience is built. Unlike solutions already in the market, based on Google or similar type maps, GIS solutions provide a greater degree of detail and precision and can also connect to municipal platforms.

500,000 light locations managed
The robustness and reliability of a platform with more than 30 years of solvency and over 500,000 light locations currently managed in Spain and Chile. The structure of our database is designed for different street assets, with a specific writer for street lighting which shows all the information needs that a local authority may need.

Web 2.0 Design
The updated redesign of the application is based on current standards, that through the browser enables extraordinary user interaction thanks to WebServers technology. In addition, this technology maes the integration of desktop, web and tablet versions easier.

Cloud solution
To be able to give service to all the mentioned platforms,The EU-ETS has designed its own Cloud solution, located in servers that have levels of security and redundancy of information that guarantee access to all data at any time of the day or night.

Unique energy management module
Thanks to the seamless integration of all services within the global data structure, our energy management platform is the only one in the market that permits usage consumption predictions and compares them with the amounts ​​billed by the electricity company.

Operational mobility module
An internal mobility module is integrated into our platform that gives our operators access to work orders in real time from a tablet, as well as to all the documentation necessary to complete the task Therefore the response times are optimised and street lighting can be managed more efficiently.


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Inventory management

Set your elements directly from an interactive map.

Management Service Requests

Work Order Management

Asset Configurator

Luminaire management

Analytical cartographic

Predictive analytics

Management of Municipal Maps

Energy management


Field Service Mobile

Mobile Asset Maintenance


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External mapping systems (WMS and WFS)

Municipal management systems

Business management systems

Importing CSV inventories


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Work with your equipment

Access permissions, data view

Shares permits application


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Energy efficiency solutions by Suiphos

Suiphos has over 100 years extensive experience in the management of street lighting systems, which has made it a cutting-edge company in the intelligent lighting management area in both private and public sectors.

After searching for continuing perfection in energy efficient solutions, Suiphos has obtained a high level of expertise that has positioned them as the leader in the sector. Energy intelligence at the service of residents.

Amongst these achievements, the knowhow and experience of the company in the telemanagement of lighting assets has made the creation of the first fully telemanaged municipality possible.

What kind of solutions make Suiphos different?

The company specialises in the optimisation of road lighting services. The management of over 500,000 lighting locations in Spain and Chile has allowed Suiphos to store large amounts of useful data. This close connection with the public sector makes the relationship between Suiphos and the local councils that they work with easier.

Technology has a strong presence in their business strategy. The web platform is based in effortless access to data from any kind of device: desktop, mobile, tablet or website.

The complete management of lighting services is carried out on one platform. Furthermore, the design of this web application provides easier user interaction. This interaction with residents has made a big difference in the way that people understand energy management, as you can easily record incidents or suggest improvements in real time, allowing the municipality to participate in the management of the energy solutions that directly affect them.

The GIS solutions for the planimetry and the georeferenced inventory, allow Suiphos to collect very detailed and precise data that not every company can. In addition, they help integration into the municipality’s platforms, saving time and costs.

Another way to improve efficiency is using Cloud servers, which allows faster and safer access to the information at any time of the day and night. This immediate response is one of Suiphos identifying traits, with permanently updated information accessible. A Cloud solution at the service of energy efficiency.

The integration of all the system’s elements and the data provided allows Suiphos to forecast energy use and make the energy management of the different street lighting services easier. This data can be compared against the amounts billed by the company in order to optimise energy use.
The operational mobility module integrated in the platform, allows operators to work with updated data, in real time, which dramatically improves the energy efficiency solutions in the management of street lighting systems.

All these energy efficiency solutions summarise the “Smart Light” concept that Suiphos proclaims: sustainability, efficiency, commitment and experience.