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What is Suiphos?

What is Suiphos?

Suiphos is a lighting management tool that will help you to manage both private and public lighting. 

Over a million lighting spots managed

Thanks to this platform, there are over a million lighting spots managed. This management includes the measurement of energy usage in real time. This information allows the consultants to optimise the control and electric use of the lighting spots, offering a detailed point of view of the system.  This helps to identify failures in order to improve the service. This increases the efficiency of the lighting network  in order to improve the service, and reduces CO2 emissions.

Suiphos has a solid and reliable background, as it is a platform with over 30 years of solvency and over 400k lighting points managed across Spain and Chile.

Work order and management and inventory maintenance 

Suiphos is based in one solid data structure that is accessible from several different platforms: desktop, web, mobile, tablet… Also, from the other side, from one single website you can get access to all the management units: inventory, operations, analysis, reporting, energy management…

The georrefered inventory is based on a basic GIS. Unlike other existing solutions that use map technology such as Google Maps or similar, GIS solutions allow you to have more detailed data, with higher precision and easier to connect with municipal platforms. 

The analysis and report generation allows you to analyse and predict the energy use of your lighting network. This way you can optimise the spend and the maintenance costs. 

On top of that, the platform integrates a mobile unit that allows users to manage work orders in real time by using a tablet. This way you can optimise response times and lighting system can be managed in a more efficient way.


Sectors where Suiphos can be used

In public administration, Suiphos offers public entities the opportunity to tackle one of the biggest problems they have: spend management. Suiphos helps to control the spend in lighting by dividing it across different time zones, common zones or by identifying passive combustion in order to optimise the use of energetic resources and reduce costs up to 20%.

In commercial networks, Suiphos solves the problem of having several selling points in different geographic areas. With Suiphos you have centralised control, with real time reports and the possibility of implementing optimisation plans step by step. 

The industry provides personalised usage alerts, cost control and other features that allow consultants to evaluate, optimise and reduce energetic costs. 

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