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Suiphos provides users an adaptable IoT asset management solution, allowing for 100% customisation for specific local infrastructure—independent of the level of digitalisation. It is the first online modular platform designed to service private and public sectors by managing the challenges caused by the rapid escalation of connected resources.
Multiplatform solution
Suiphos’ unique and robust data structure can be accessed from various platforms (desktop, mobile, or tablet). From a single web platform, users can wirelessly access all of our management modules: inventory, operations, analysis, remote management, asset management, fleet tracking, and detailed reports.

Surveying and geo-referenced inventory
Suiphos values pinpoint accuracy and seamless integration. As a result, our platform is based on GIS standards. Unlike other solutions based on Google or similar maps, GIS solutions provide a greater degree of detail and precision. Additionally, GIS solutions can be connected to existing municipal platforms.

Almost 1 Million Assets Monitored
Suiphos has reached almost 1 million assets monitored. The structure of our platform’s database is designed to manage and control different IoT urban assets. Current tracking places our platform at 10 million within the next two years. Our resource management tool is ideal for both private and public entities.

Extensive Background
Suiphos structured its design on the proven success and reliability of its parent company’s thirty-year-old platform. Our experts developed this platform in response to the growing demand for a comprehensive resource management tool. As needs change and expand, so does the accessibility of our platform.

Cloud Solution and Data Protection
With Suiphos, online security is our first priority. That’s why our technology is 100% based in Amazon Web Services standards, providing full protection to our clients’ data. Our cloud storage system allows for information to be safely stored and transmitted through secure channels, offering unmatched protection.

Fleet Tracking Module
Our tracking solution is based on a smart, small, and powerful GPS tracker that works with an accompanying app. It offers a user-friendly solution for real-time positioning, so you can keep track of your entire fleet and field team. Further, the tracking module is non-intrusive, plug-and-play, and easy to use once installation is complete.

Operational mobility module
In addition to the fleet tracking module, an internal mobility module is integrated into our platform that allows clients access to work orders in real time from a tablet as well as to all the documentation necessary to complete tasks. Our platform contains an easy-to-use inventory that visualises resource points.


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Inventory management

Set your elements directly from an interactive map.

Management Service Requests

Work Order Management

Asset Configurator

Luminaire management

Analytical cartographic

Predictive analytics

Management of Municipal Maps

Energy management


Field Service Mobile

Mobile Asset Maintenance


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External mapping systems (WMS and WFS)

Municipal management systems

Business management systems

Importing CSV inventories


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Work with your equipment

Access permissions, data view

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